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Jan 16, 2013 12:30pm PST
five new positions is equal to 2.5 fte in 2013; with salary and mandatory benefits. that is the figure shown in table 2 on page 6 of our report. however, in order for the positions to be .5 fte, the new employees would need to be added to the payroll on january 1st, 2013. obviously, that can't happen. so furthermore, we point out that the proposed supplemental ordinance only includes -- that is the requested itself doesn't include that number $418,185. so taking those two factors into consideration, the correct fte count should be .44, instead of .50, with a start date of january 22, 2013. and the earliest date that the board could approve this is january 29, 2013. so our recommendations are on page 7. we recommend that you amend file 121197. to reduce the fte count from .5 to .4fte and on to reduce the total count from 2.5 to 2.2. we also recommend that you amend the-- although, the department reported that four of the five positions would be limited tenure. that is not specified in the annual salary ordinance. so our recommendation is to specify that those four positions, the0
Jan 17, 2013 4:00am PST
positions, which is about 2.5 fte to commence the implementation of the gross receipts tax. we will be returning to the board threw the rough the budget process for additional positions as we move through this process. these are the folks that we knew that we needed to get start today and we'll be adding folks to the process. in addition, with our software expenses i know that certainly is a large number upfront, but this is what allows to us enter into the contract for the scope of work that allows us to get us to our go-live date and allows us to get there to have this tax filing ready. so we need to be able to commit the resources now to these vendors and be able to executive an agreement, so that we can actually get to the 2014 date that. is why we're asking for it right now, so that we can get that going and not have to wait for the budget process coming up later this year. and i also provided a breakdown, but i know that the budget analyst's report does a much deeper breakdown and explanation as well. and just to close, before i ask for any questions, we do believe that we have a
Jan 18, 2013 3:00am PST
that target. so this pie chart is just a high level overview of the fte or full time equivalent staff allocation across the department's five divisions. again, this is the base allocation of our ftes at this time in the coming weeks we will be incorporating any new position changes or position substitutions or movements across different divisions at that time. so now i'm just going to show you a slide for each division for each of the sort of major initiatives, that go on within those divisions. so i'll start first with the current planning division. which does represent a majority of the staff in the department, and just over 50ftes. in fiscal year 13-14 proposed current work program is on application review which is about half of the total division staffing goes towards that work. there's been steady increase in applications over the past year, as mentioned before, and these -- we've actually added two staff in the current fiscal year to assist with the additional backlog. and we hope that we will be able to grapple this backlog through these moves. we've also maintained existing st
Jan 9, 2013 11:00am PST
addition of one class 9775 senior community development specialist ii grant-funded position (0.77 fte) in the office of economic and workforce development and one class 1053 is business analyst - senior grant-funded position (0.77 fte) in the department of technology. >> thank you very much. please introduce yourself. >> thank you. i'm [speaker not understood]. the tech sf workforce innovation partnership is a three-year grant from the department of labor that began back in july of 2012. it goes through june of 2015. it's primarily work force investment act funding. it will be used to implement industry-based solutions with the it sector to cultivate local talent and the [speaker not understood] workforce systems and operations to meet the ever evolving needs of both the local employers and job seekers. so, of the $2 million grant, 1 million will stay within the city between oewd and the department of technology for two positions. and the rest of the money will be subcontracted out. >> can you speak a little bit more about what the grant would do? >> sure. basically it leverages our exist
Jan 31, 2013 1:30pm PST
expenditures were for staff and other things. >> are you referring to the work program with like the fte counts? >> yes. >> and i think that addresses commissioner moore's question also, in two weeks, your memo will have that level of detail where it shows the proposed fte count widths the initiatives, if you want the actual dollar amounts, i can provide you with what you need. >> commissioner moore? >> i would like to add a comment that in the past year, since this is not our standard everyday literature, just reading it, it is more difficult to understand and then having to vote on it after you make a presentation sometimes raises more questions than answers so i'm wondering if we could spread that with the presentation and then vote in on it a week later or something like that. i always feel a little bit overwhelmed because it's so hard to understand. >> if i may, today is just an informational hearing for what we're proposing at this time and in two weeks, we will be coming and asking for you to vote on the budget and we've also already made a presentation on the preliminary cut of t
Jan 6, 2013 11:00am PST
. the relocation results in the addition of only .5 fte, the existing staff of the school would simply remain with one employee moving from part-time to full-time. no new jobs created for our neighborhood. with respect to the need for additional child-care in our neighborhood, we contacted the children's council of san francisco, a very respected third party referral organization, whose database included 70% of san francisco's child-care facilities and they informed us that their 95 facilities with at least one actual opening for children 2-5 years old within our zip codes and many openings include family child-care centers just like the applicant's preschool. i would urge the commission of what they offer. many providing bilingual services as working capital. we appreciate the applicant's offer to give them their cell phone numbers for blocking sidewalks and driveways and double parking, but blocking sidewalks and driveways and double parking is unlawful. such an offer doesn't fully address neighborhood concerns regarding the issuance of a conditional use permit that is permane
Jan 18, 2013 10:30pm PST
a slight reduction in fte counts and that has to do with one time funding that the division got for some specific projects. again, we are working on some different requests that will increase that position count in our revised fiscal 13-14 presentation which i will deliver in a few weeks. with expected conclusion of activities including japantown and western soma this will enable division staff to focus more on the general plan and citywide planning programs as the director mentioned before. and it will also concentrate on activities and planning efforts such as the healthcare services master plan, the invest in neighborhoods initiatives, and master plans on publicly owned sites. now, moving on to the environmental planning division, the environmental planning staff has recently completed eirs for a variety of different projects, including the transit center district plan, pier 27 cruise ship terminal for america's cup, noma and western soma. cpmc five campuses has remained on appeal at the board of supervisors as the hospital program is being redefined at this time. some other ongo
Jan 30, 2013 11:30pm PST
of about 12.9 million. i have already mentioned the step adjustments from the new hires and new fte this current year. and again, it's based on the local 21 m-o-u mandating that the legislative aides come into the city at step 1 unless there was loss of compensation, but they've been added to budget at top step. so, those are our step savings there. so, if we move on to the next item, we are still seeing some high assessment appeals board revenue and we are anticipating that will decrease. we think it will decrease at a slower rate than we had thought last year. so, we're able to add just almost $15,000 taking our revenue from 400,000 to 415,000 for projections for the next year. we're decreasing our interpretation budget based on current and past year's expenditures with a little bit of buffer for anticipated additional need next year based on conversations with different members of the board about potential increased needs for interpretation. and we have included the funding for the third position for the youth commission in this draft budget. we know that this is a question that
Jan 11, 2013 6:00am EST
rood in caaonssille last wednesday fte. afternnon.but the man who lives there ame home... saw and pulled out his cell hone. neighbors say the attempted burggar tried explaiiing his actions... before running away. (mr. bulson) "he told himm that he was oo drugs ann he had a drug proobem. but then hhi thht he took the picture of him.. and he took off liie, povered him with hottwattr. i turned aroond and boom, he was all the way down to the alley anddturned eft!" left!" if you have any information onnthe suspect... ccll metrr crimestoppers.that pumber is get a cash reward of up to 2- thousand doollrr. baltimmre ciiy police are of yyu who use "craigslist."e - they say in the past monnh... several people have been lured &pthey met on the online classifieds site. sste.they say people are aggeeeng to buy items... but instead f meeting the sellers thee at gun point.police say - booh money and tte items being sold by the people who come out to meet them. 9:22 so farrno ne has been injured in thhs latest roup of robberies but we reelly wanttto getttheeword out to &pbuy r
Jan 7, 2013 7:00am PST that'sathe pheer oerthe th . rollro out tut new near eath fte eole olme bmeic cicpetpe io orore.or >> welcome back. it is 7:28 a.m.. >> good morning ananny. >> clpartly cloudy conditions for san francisco. >> tomorrow when to be above the seasonal average. we do have the changes to talk about as we head into the middle of this week. rain is certainly on the horizon. more on that on your 7 day around they forecast. >> meanwhile the visibility chart shows a mile for copper. hayward. 5 mi. for napa up. --concord. >> the fog will start to receive and we will expect sunshine. will take a look at your afternoon highs and your 7 day around the bay forecast coming up in my next report. >> 7:29 a.m. on the clock. of traffic with george. >> heavy traffic especially in the east bay this morning. we're not tracking any hot spots the ride on six a south bound into walnut creek quite heavy this morning. so is the ride on 680 south into some all. 58 westbound also slow. the nimitz freeway heading to the dumbarton bridge to haywood and nunion city. >> 101 and 85 are starting to show slowi
Jan 31, 2013 6:00am EST
, you look at that editorial. i don't know who wroelt it fte "the national review," but you say it's racist. >> i think there's some strong racial undertones there. look, if there is where a wing of the republican party is now, i say a wing, honestly, then not only does it look less and less likely that we'll find some agreement on this issue, it is mind boggling to me just as you analyze it from a narrow political sense how a party who lost so miserably with a group of people would lump an entire population of immigrants into and try to define them so narrowly and so cruelly as that editorial did. look, i think immigration reform would be hard even amongst some democrats. but if this is where we start, i actually think it's helpful to the issue if this is where "the national review" wants to be because i think you'll find some moderate republicans and even those moderate democrats wanting to come around on something that allows some path, whether it's citizenship or green card or however you choose to define it, this is good for democrats, and i think it ultimately may be good for t
Jan 17, 2013 6:00am EST
is, at 21 billion because they are backing out interest expense, fte bases, and other elements. and yesterday when we did jpmorgan there were like three different revenue numbers and we had to finally characterize the one and it was actually in line. before we do that we'll -- apparently we knew a lot more after january 7th than we did before and it took a lot of the sort of news wor think events out of the actual number we're seeing now. but the stock is indicated up a little bit. looks like it's up about 20 cents or so. 2% on an $11 stock which was one of the best performers in the dow last year. >> that's right. actually for more on the numbers we are joined right now by senior columnist at yahoo finance mike santoli, also equity research analyst at sanford bernstein and gentlemen i know you haven't had a chance to look through all the numbers that we are just getting at this point but brad, what's your early thought on just what you've heard about these numbers, what you think of jpmorgan yesterday and what you're expecting from the rest of these financials. >> the numbers are t
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)